Jazz Aspen Snowmass is always a huge undertaking. This year Pyramid Bistro was privileged to be chosen to cater for the VIP tents. This was no small feet for us. Weeks of prepping and months of planning go into the 3 day June Festival,serving around 200 people each day. Hours of time go into planning the live cooking stations and hot line. But when the Labor Day Festival hits months of planning can never prepare you for the thousands of people Who show up hungry and ready for a great show. Pyramid Bistro did not disappoint and neither did Kid Rock!

Above: Pyramid Bistro Employees pose for a "job well done" picture.



04/01/2013 4:05pm

I had lunch there and was exposed to an allergen and am having a hard time identifying it. It would be helpful if I knew ingredients of basil pesto and sweet pesto sauce.

12/27/2013 2:35pm

Sorry for not keeping up with comments. The ingredients are: basil, kale, olive oil, salt, peper, garlic, lemon, pumpkin seeds and tofu. I hope this helps. Please contact pyramidbistro@hotmail.com with questions.

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